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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Subjects I would like to blog...

In this post, I will keep a list of some subjects on which I would like to blog (in italic drafted ones):
  • General purpose
    - Alt.Net Meeting Feedback : Object Oriented : an historical mistake or to be continued
    - Software vendors: opened on communities Vs proprietarism
    - Software quality: technical VS process ?
    - Agile and Team organization
    Classify items : hierarchical Vs relational (ex mails, docs...)
  • Technical
    - Object graph consistency, querying and (lazy) loading
    - Object Application Cache
    - SOA and legacy applications concrete integration by example: objectives, solutions, advantages/disavantages (how to integrate read/write operations)
    - Application architecture: taking best pratices together
    - Web State Management : client and server side (sessions, cache...)
  • Process & Tools
    - Test Strategy : automation of Unit + Functional Tests (both coded, not recorded)
    - Functional Test with Fitnesse and configuration management processes
    - TFS Agile Process Template
    - TFS customization
I will try to write on these subjects "shortly"...;)

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