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Thursday, March 5, 2009

ALT.NET France is more and more active

I am pleased to participate to ALT.NET France since August 2008, it beguns a little bit earlier on the impulsion of some people that continue to spend time on this great technical social community : Robert Pickering, Julien Lavigne du Cadet, Gauthier Segay, Romain Verdier and more (do not offuscate if I forget some people :o))...

We start with a Google group list and some informal meetings once a month in a bar, and since november, we meet around a defined subject presented by one of the community members. You can find on several blogs some comments about these meetings.

We know reach another step, Julien has setup a new web site, it will (or have to and/or should) be updated by the community.

So enjoy and join us, even if you are not fluent in French, you will be able to share with us, we have several not french members.

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