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Thursday, November 4, 2010

First ALM France UG session

The session
I do not remember how I found this new user group, but I was really happy to assist to this first session.
Contents were "ecumenical", differents points of view and different communities represented (ok a little bit more of .NET one...oddly...). It was a first good point :).
Next, very important, I meet and talk with interesting people, and I hope we will share more in the future through this group.

Quickly about content, what is ALM? François Merand gives 3 major axes : Governance, Dev and Exploitation. Simple, great. So it is not just source control or continuous integration...

Then, Lucian Precup and Arnaud Heritier have made a quick overview of Open Source ALM ecosystem : Maven, IDE, IceScrum, Mantis, Git...and many more.

Daniel Cohen-Zardi followed with a presentation of his company and their product Code Fluent Entities, that proposes a DSL abstracting languages (he does not use the term DSL...but it seems like that to me).
The main points were around 3 concepts : agility, model-driven and executable models. I agree with him on these points. But for the solution, I remain to be convinced for now by this type of product...I prefer coding approach around DDD architecture.

Finally, François Tonic talked about his vision of ALM.

The group
To start, for french people, go to, for others hope it will develop in other countries ! :)
I am looking forward to Google Group discussion list to continue discussions...

Some ideas/reflexions to discuss...
1) We heard a lot the word "industrialization"...opposed to "craftsmanship"...we have to take care of these words use, there are a lot of misconception around over-standardization/normalization (quality ivory tower), over-specialization (like in classic industry) be discussed in the group :)
2) I consider ALM practices as central in day to day work, and badly initial formation are lacking in this field (at least mine and some of my colleagues...). There is certainly something to do about that.
3) I would like to share my current experience around ALM, and more importantly to have boss and me were thinking about that...perhaps a good chance to try...:)

Thanks again for the creation of this group !

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Arnaud said...

I'm happy you enjoyed it. Like you said, it's just the beginning. We are all motivated to exchange about this really interesting subject.
I met people wanting to be more agile and to deliver softwares with a good quality but they had also different point of view to reach this target on various platform/technologies.
The next meeting should be on January 6th. We'll give more detail on the blog asap. A dedicated Google Group should come quickly.