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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Team Foundation Server Check In Policy Pack

I search over the web for some Check In Policies for TFS, and some were founds, some really interesting in my case. I think to:
But there are several drawbacks:
  • TFS Power Tools Check In Policy pack is lacking open cannot contribute, too bad when you miss just an adjustment to an existing policy
  • Configurability go from none to too much
  • Too much packages with different heterogeneous deliverables (package, docs...)
So why not an open sourced Check In Policy pack, on codeplex for example...I think we can gain from homogenization of development practices for Check-In Policies.

Here are some practices I think to:
  • MSI deployment with Wix : one feature by policy for example to allow flexible installation
  • Policy configuration management unified
  • Encapsulate common functionnalities in shared components (path exclusion...)
I was thinking to this pack to share my first Check In policy around Work Items, when I discovered that TFS bundled one and TFS Power Tools one are really basic and not contributable (do not allow link/hierarchy query) !!

Could be great if several projects could merge in one...

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